Ama School of Medicine, MCI/WHO Approved and Direct Admission

  • AMA School of Medicine is the subsidiary of AMA Education System. It is situated in AMA College Makati, which is advantageously located at the center of Makati City, the Philippines' economic and business capital where the peak concentration of international, global and local corporations and intercontinental associations and embassies has their offices. The Ama School of Medicine office is at the 8th floor of AMA College Makati, located at 5486 South Superhighway, Bangkal, Makati City.

AMA School of Medicine has many facilities that are used for improvement of students’ medical and practical talents including labs for Histology, Gross Anatomy, Microbiology, Parasitology, and Pathology. Students act upon hands-on dissection of corpse in Gross Anatomy. These facilities and classrooms for Medicine students are located at the 7th floor of the AMA One Building.

AMA School of Medicine aims to deliver skilled medical practitioners, who are educated on an pioneering case-based module that will build up students to become ambitious and lifelong learners - individuality that will organize them for professional practice. This is an amalgam module built to harmonize the basic science concepts and to use case-based situation to incorporate concepts regarding the basic science regulation. The medical disciplines are incorporated upright utilizing a problem-based learning approach to incorporate concepts in the medical disciplines. The AMA School of Medicine Medical Curriculum integrates Information Technology-based abilities to improve learning and assignments, as this is power that is offered by AMAES.

The four-year module provides the students with medical reasoning, problem-solving and vital thinking talents stressing on interdisciplinary and life-long learning. The first three years equips the students with an incorporated perspective of the basic and medical sciences in the classroom and society settings. The fourth year of the module is dedicated to the application of the basic and medical concepts in real medical and society settings.

Why Ama School of Medicines?

  • Four-year incorporated prospectus with an ultimate faculty-to-student ratio
  • clinically tilting and problem-based technique of teaching and learning
  • Non-traditional harangue and instructional modules
  • Hands-on anatomy dissection
  • Affordable, supple payment method
  • Affiliated with government hospitals and private health institutions
  • excellent facilities and resources favorable to learning

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