Total Duration of the Course?
The total duration of this MBBS course is 5 years with 1 year of internship, which you can do it anywhere either in student's own country or China.

Total Fee of the Course?
The fee varies for each university, please let us know which university are you interested to join and we shall send you the details accordingly.

When these Universities established?
All these universities are established for decades before gradually diversifying in many advanced courses.

Weather Condition?
In China the climate is condense and moderate. In winter it goes up to- 10?C. During summer it is recommended that you wear light clothes. In autumn use jackets, umbrellas are also necessary. For winter, when it is freezing use fur warm coats and shoes It also depends on the location of the university . For more details refer the universities pages Universities provide books or not?

Some universities provides list of recommended books to carry and some books are given there during session. Can we do internship in our country or not?
Yes, but it also depends on the university applied for and also the medical board of the country where the students wants to do the internships.

Weather the market is nearby or not?
Yes the market for daily needs is nearby to the campus.
All such facilities are available in the hostel with an extra cost.

Dress code for College students?
There is no such dress code in any universities.

Degree Recognition?
All the medical colleges and university present in the list of WHO are recognized by WHO.

Medium of teaching in our panel Universities?
All the universities we are representing in the medical stream are having English medium education. However, Chinese language class is included in first year, this is to make students stay comfortable by enabling them to communicate smoothly with the locals.

Stipend provided during internship or not?
No, it is not provided.

Vocation period in China?
The vacation period is of 6 weeks, depending on the batch of student in which admitted he/she can come between July/ August and should inform the university accordingly.

Refund status?
Once the students reports to the university and joins the same, the University regrets its inability to refund any part of the educational fees and other expenses paid by the student. The decision is all upon the university.

Students are allowed work during their studies or not?
No, a student cannot do job while studying since he/she is having a student visa.

Students can practice or work in their Country after their completion of Degree or not?
Yes, you can practice in your country , provided you stand by the local governing laws of the medical council or Medical board of your country. All our universities are recognized by the World Health organization, China Medical council, China Scientific Council, and Ministry of Education of China. But it is advisable to check with your local medical board for any specific requirements.

Cost of living in China?
This varies from City to City. While Beijing and Shanghai would be costlier compared to Wenzhou or Tianjin. Normally our Students spend about 60-120 US$ per month depending on the spending habits, what you want to buy, where you want to eat. If you are going to cook your own food in the kitchen provided then you would spend around 50- 60 US$ per month.

Expenses which students can bear while living in China?
Entertainment in China is generally inexpensive. Transportation options include the public bus (which costs less than 1 RMB per ride) and subway (2 RMB per ride), as well as taxi service which costs 10 RMB (~US$1.25) for short distances and up to 30 RMB to go across town or downtown. Many students also opt to buy bicycles while they are in China. Bicycles are the most prevalent mode of transport in China. New bicycles can be purchased for around 200 RMB (US$25).

How students can get or exchange money in China?
You may bring money with you, either in the form of cash or traveler's checks. ATM machines are available in banks, or cash advances can be drawn over the counter at most large banks for a transaction charge. Major hotels and most fine restaurants and stores now accept credit cards. Students enrolling for longer courses can open a bank account through the local bank on campus or down town and and transfer funds from accounts in their home country.

Things which students can bring from their home country?
Today in China you can find almost any product and brand that you would find at home. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. are all readily available. Voltage used in China? The voltage here is 220. Converters and power strips may be purchased locally.

Can I work in China as a doctor after I graduate?
In general, the answer of the possibility of working in China as a doctor is yes. However, if you would like to be a doctor in a Chinese hospital, you have to deal with two matters at first: pass the medical license examination in China and be good at communicating in Chinese

Could I do the internship in my own country or any other countries?
It is allowed by several universities to do internship out of China. However, if the student wants to do the internship in his/her own country or any other countries, in advance, he/she has to provide some documents of the hospital which he/she will make the internship in, and the university would evaluate the qualification. Only doing internship in a qualified hospital abroad is accepted.

If I do the internship out of China, do I have to pay for it as well?
Yes, You have to pay the administration fee. That is the cost of keeping student's name on the school roll and the supervising by the Chinese teacher. Each university has its own requirement on the internship, student has to finish all the items even though he/she does the internship out of China, and Chinese teacher will work on it by contacting weekly or bi-weekly by email or telephone.

What are the requirements for studying English-medium MBBS in China?
Students are expected to display a hard work ethic and take their studies seriously. China has a rigorous academic tradition; students are expected to devote themselves fully to academics. In general, international students are admitted based on their high school or other college grades and sometimes it requires good scores in science subjects. Because the program is taught in English, applicants are required to have the language ability to study in English. Nevertheless, enrollment requirements could be different according to each university.

Whether the MBBS program includes internship? How it would be?
There is. In general, it costs 1 year. Nevertheless, the duration and requirement of internship would be different according to the situation of each university.

Whether Chinese language is a compulsory course for English-medium MBBS program?
Chinese language course is compulsory for every university which offers MBBS in English. Even if classes are conducted in English, the language spoken on a daily life in China is essential for students when they leave the classroom. It is helpful for international students to know Chinese. Nevertheless, not all of the universities ask the students to pass HSK test with required level before graduation.

What are the advantages of studying MBBS in China? What do my employment prospects look like when returning home?
The degrees for English-medium MBBS programs awarded by Chinese medical universities are already useful for gaining employment in a wide variety of countries. As education continues to improve, the value of a student's degree also continues to rise. This translates into higher pay, more professional respect and an easier time finding employment after graduation

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