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Why should you study MBBS in China?

As we know that the cost of medical education is very high in almost the entire world, whereas China offers high standard education at a very low price. A degree of MBBS in china is recognized all over the world and all the medical colleges of china got their approval from well known organizations. China is the prime destination for international student to take admission in mbbs, for this fact, the students are able to learn different cultures and beliefs and also know about people and their living habits from different countries. As a consequence, a strong bond happens between the students which promote peace and friendship all over the world. Due to the fact that a large number of students are from international origin, the medium of instruction to study MBBS in china is principally English. This enables students to study in a standard environment at a low price. All the institutes of china have a sound infrastructure with well equipped labs and an impressive faculty who are highly qualified and experienced in their respective field.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in the China?

  • The student can appear for any medical licensing examination

  • Graduate degree offered which is internationally accredited

  • Maintain the same standard of western education

  • Easy getting admission process to top medical University.
  • Living cost and tuition fees are considerably lower in china
  • Get immersed into international studying environment
  • Plenty of quality hospitals for internship
  • Campus Life is alive with colors
  • Security is top notch in the study society

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  • Free counseling for the right University and Country to meet your budget.
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  • Complete documentation and visa with all the requisite inputs.
  • Booking tickets for their further visit as and when need arises.
  • Advise on Passport application process.
  • Visa Documentation.
  • Personally admit the student into respective colleges.
  • Providing regular progress report to the parents.
  • Free stay in Delhi for Visa Interview.
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  • Invitation letter from the University.
  • Filing for MCI Certificate of Eligibility in India.
  • Accommodation arrangement in University Hostel.
  • Medical Insurance, health care Test, Police registration

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History of China

China is one of the ancient civilizations dating back to more than 5000 years history of heritage and culture. Turning the pages of history, it is found that Xia dynasty was the first to rule the country. The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Human settlement in china is very primal. It was found in the Hwang Ho basin.

Geography and Climate of China

The landscape of China is very diverse. Vast alluvial plains lie along the shores of East China Sea and Yellow Sea. Southern part is dominated by hills and mountains. To the west, lie the Himalayas while the northern part is covered by plateaus. China experiences dry weather most of the time but rain and thundershower also occur often.


The lodging arrangement provided by the institutions of China for the students who come from abroad is of a very high quality. Compared to other countries of the world, the lodging facility of China costs much less. The food provided in these institutions is very hygienic and tasty which is available in a diverse range of cuisines so that a student gets the homely atmosphere he/she desires.

Food in China

The local cuisines in China offers the appropriate proportion of flavors and spices, it is to be noted that the Chinese food in your country varies from the food available in the local cuisines. The food available in the northern part of the country is a little heavy where staple rice, noodles and dumplings are present in the offerings. You also have the option to try international dishes which are abundant in china.

Transportation in China

The Traveling system in China is very advanced and efficient. Superb metro network is a common thing in all the major cities, and a powerful and convenient railway system makes for a hassle free travel. The highways of china are built to perfection, and electrified trains and bullets can reach destinations as far as 500 km in a very short period of time. Overall, transportation is very royal in china yet affordable which altogether makes for a very satisfying experience

Medical Colleges in China are Medical Council of India and World Health Organization (MCI /WHO) recognized. The total duration of studying MBBS in China is five and a half years.

Fujian Medical University

is the only University in the Fujian Province, situated in the foothills of Fuzhou city. Established in 1937, The University has been producing top quality medical personnel who are now well-known doctors all over the world, therefore it is a good choice to study MBBS in china.

Southeast Medical University

is a well known University of China which places a lot of emphasis on research. The name of this University is heard worldwide and it has over 25,000 students where 2,700 students from 102 countries belong to the medical discipline. It is one of the best college to do MBBS in china

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