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Why should you study MBBS in Ukraine?

Doing MBBS in Ukraine has a lot of benefits as it offers ample of educations opportunities for medical students. Students opting to study MBBS in Ukraine can expect a lot of versatile medical programs present in the country. The degree awarded by the medical Universities of Ukraine is recognized by MCI and WHO. The infrastructure of the medical colleges in Ukraine is of a very high standard with well equipped labs and excellent faculty. The programs are available for English speaking candidates. While In Ukraine language will not be a barrier. The programs and courses available in the country are given preference all across the globe.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in the Philippines

  • High quality education

  • Internationally Identified Courses (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, etc.).

  • Affordable cost

  • European pattern Lifestyle
  • Ukrainian method of teaching are acknowledged worldwide
  • Medium of instruction is English
  • Teaching method emphasizes on practical Implementation

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History of Ukraine

The former name of Ukraine till the 16th century was Kievan Rus. During that time, Kiev was known to be the hub of culture and politics in Eastern Europe. The 10th century, saw the country reaching its peak power. The Mongol conquest saw the end of Kievan glory. Just after the Russian revolution Ukraine gained freedom from Russia on Jan 28. After the decline of Russia, Ukraine achieved Independence.

Geography of Ukraine

Ukraine experience a tropical maritime climate and usually remain hot and humid throughout the year. Principally there are 3 seasons: Summer lasts from March to May, the rainy season from June to November, and winter from December to February. Temperature range from 21 to 32, but the temperature can rise and fall depending on the season. The approximate temperature is around 26.6.

Climatic Condition Of Ukraine

Ukraine experiences a continental climate with snowy winters and dry summers. The coldest month is January with temperature going down to 0 degrees. In summer the daytime temperature rises up to 25-30 degrees. Ukraine enjoys dry sunny spells most of the time, but rain and thunderstorms occur occasionally in the coastal areas of the Black Sea. The warmest month is July with temperatures upto 24 degrees.

Mode of Communication

The primary advantage for studying MBBS in Ukraine is that the official medium of instruction in the medical colleges is English. Hence, no additional language is necessary to study mbbs in Ukraine. Therefore, a lot of time is saved as you can concentrate only on medical studies not on learning a foreign language. Statistics tell that most of the people prefer English as the mode of communication

Accommodation in Ukraine

The medical colleges in Ukraine provide excellent hostel facility with well equipped rooms and a silent study environment, a recreation center is also there for the student's entertainment purpose. There is also a dormitory system in case 2 or 3 students want to stay together. The colleges also provide all the necessary equipment for a good and healthy living for the students.

Affordable Transportation

The network of roads in Ukraine is very efficient. You can opt for a bus or train to travel to any part of the country. By paying $12-15 you can travel as far as 500 km. Advance ticket booking facility is also available. Air travel within the country is also a convenient way to get around the country.

Indian Food in Ukraine

The mbbs colleges of Ukraine don't have any restaurants or food stalls that serves Indian food, but there is a provision for common kitchen where the students themselves can cook Indian food if they wish to. Three or four students can group together to cook some healthy and hygienic Indian dishes, only they have to buy the necessary ingredients from the market.

High Quality Of Education

The colleges have excellent faculty to study MBBS in Ukraine with teachers who possess several years of experience in the specified medical field. Here the students have to undergo academic as well as practical training in their own medical specialties. The teachers inspire students to participate in patient examinations, providing urgent aid, X-ray rooms study, working in clinical and biochemical laboratories. 56 departments involve the training of clinical and theoretical study. At present, over 700 teachers work on various departments of drugs, which make MBBS in Ukraine a worthwhile endeavor.

Medical Colleges in Ukraine are Medical Council of India and World Health Organization (MCI /WHO) recognized. The total duration of studying mbbs in Ukraine is six years.

was established in 1918 and is one of the modern Universities with world class infrastructure. It is one of the favored place for international students of doing low cost MBBS in Ukraine.

M.Gorky Donetsk National Medical University "DNMU"

was founded in 1930 which offers good quality education and is one of the prime destinations of doing low cost MBBS in Ukraine.

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

was established in 1945 and is one of the best places of doing low cost MBBS in Ukraine providing High level education and allowing graduates of the University the opportunities of working in many countries of the world.

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

has been offering students with low cost mbbs in Ukraine for many years and is one of the oldest Universities in Eastern Europe. It was established in the year 1805.

Poltava Ukrainian Medical And Dental Stomatological Academy

is a well known University of former USSR. It is also one of the largest University with a prowess of producing over 30,000 highly efficient doctors and researchers.

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