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    A modest beginning, in 1967, a Chemistry professor-entrepreneur and his son-in-law Dr. Vicente M. Santos Jose C. Olivares, a physician, established Our Lady of Fatima Philippines in Valenzuela, a former metropolis of Bulacan. The hospital instantly became the prime provider of medicine and health services for the inhabitants of Valenzuela.

The famed physician Mr. Olivares, envisaged a dream for Our Lady of Fatima medical college Philippines.  He was determined to transform Our Lady of Fatima Philippines from a general hospital to a medical multipart that will house health care contributor such as midwives and nurses.  Hence, in 1973, the Our Ladyof Fatima College of Nursing was founded.  And in 1976, the first group of nursing graduates achieved an unparalleled 100% passing average in the Nursing Board examinations.

This resulted in the growth in enrollment in the mid-70’s, the College extended its amenities and associated more curricular programs.   In 1979, Dr. Vicente M. Santos, together with his wife, chased the vision of Mr. Olivares even further by forming the Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc.  Since then, Our Lady of Fatima Philippines has set foot in the ground of medical education by fabricating holistic-empowered graduates who are unswerving Medical Board global leaders and highly esteemed medical physicians.

In the 1990’s, a more evolving and receptive viewpoint was personified by Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc.  In reply to the varying social and technological environment, the college was involved in new educational programs specifically in technology, maritime education, and business while strengthening and humanizing its performance in the paramedical courses, which Fatima is known for.

Officially recognized by the order on Higher Education, Philippines, La Consolacion Philippines is a coeducational institution formally associated with the Christian-Catholic religion. La Consolacion University Philippines offers classes and programs leading to officially renowned higher education degrees. La Consolacion Philippines is 79 years old, the criteria for admission is based on entrance examinations and the student’s high school grade.

Why mbbs in Our Lady Fatima Medical College Philippines?

  • Received official acknowledgment by attaining accredited status in its Nursing and Therapy programs by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).
  • Fatima Medical Science Foundation- Fatima College of Medicine was also recognized by the Association of Philippine Medical College, the New York State Board of Education and the Illinois State Board of Education. 
  • The Association of Christian colleges and universities, another esteemed recognized body, eventually gave its remark of excellence to Fatima’s Graduate School programs in MA in Nursing, MA in Educational Management, MA in Teaching, Master in Public management, Master in Business  management, together with our undergraduate programs in Psychology and Biology. 
  • Our lady of Fatima medical college Philippines (Olfu) is listed under MCI/WHO
  • Listed in MCI(Medical Council of India), WHO(World Health Organization),IMED –FAIMER , ECFMG, California Board of Medicine-USA,and recognized by CHED – Philippines.

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