Our Successfull Student

Sakshi Nayak

Student from MP

It was a great experience with you. There are many companies around for overseas education. The difference that I felt is that O.E.World works for us. I think the first and the only goal of OEW is that they want to satisfy the student & parents at the best they can. This is the thing that makes you different from others. Thank you very much simply the best education consultancy in India.

Sumit Dey

Student from Kolkata

Hello i am Sumit Dey from Kolkata West Bengal. I am a student of CAGAYAN STATE UNIVERSITY I came here trough the consultancy Overseas Education World, They help me and among all the consultancies it is realy a believable source from where you can come in Philippines. The quality of study is very good here in philippines they follow the american study system so it is very helpfull to you to pass the exams like MCI and USMLE. The teachers and the senior students are very helpfull, the citizens of philippines are very calm and gentle with the foreign students. Here indian foods are available and at last i am really very happy here. Thanks to Overseas Education World for everything

Akilesh Manilall

Student from South Africa

I am very grateful to OEW and Mr Zeeshan Ali for assisting me throughout my entire admission process. The level of professionalism from Mr Ali and the rest of the OEW staff is highly commendable. I am sincerely pleased with the high level of knowledge and the willingness of Mr Ali in assisting me and answering the many questions which I had been uncertain about. I am glad to mention that Mr Ali and OEW are trustworthy and have always honest from the beginning of my admission. I am entirely satisfied with the great service from OEW and Mr Ali and the admission costs are moderate but well worth due to the excellent service rendered by OEW and Mr Ali. I highly recommend OEW for all students wishing to study abroad.

Sharuthi Royce

Student from Chennai

Hello I am Mrs Shakila Royce my daughter has taken admission in Russia last year in 2013 session. Agent said classes will be in English Medium but it was totally wrong so due to language problem my daughter came back. I was really much worried about this and hopeless, it is very hard for me too believe any other company or agent. Then i started searching on net for her Admission and i came across to Overseas Education World. My experience with Mr. Ali (Sr. Counselor at Overseas Education World) regarding University and Education system in Philippines for admission in MBBS has been amazing and this man is exceptionally outstanding in his management for guiding parents / students by installing relevant confidence level for joining in Philippines. My decision to join my only daughter into MBBS Course in Philippines has been instantaneous after talking with Mr Ali. I strongly recommend Overseas Education World to everyone who is looking for MBBS admission.

Punyasrota Ray

Student from Orrisa

I firstly thank OVERSEAS EDUCATION WORLD for helping me to get admission in cagayan state university in Philippines. This is very calm place to study we get a best study environment for sure. I am sure even a poor student can develop into a best doctor due to the procedure followed in this university. OVERSEAS EDUCATION WORLD has made very easy for the people and me too to satisfy my dream of becoming a doctor. They treated me very well in all the procedures involved in coming here. Actually people get feared to go to other countries to study, my personal advice is that there wont be any difficulty in studying abroad all depends upon the students. At last I would confirm you that the university is very good. Thanks O.E World.

Sagar Reddy

Student from Andhra Pradesh

I am Mr Reddy F/O Sagar Reddy who went to Philippines for MBBS course through your consultancy, He wants me to convey his gratitude and thanks for the service rendered by you. I also join with him in conveying my regards to you especially to your staff who were very friendly with us always. As scheduled the classes have started on time and continue regularly. He arranged joint accommodation with few of his friends. He is very happy with the education system and with your support. Thanks to you all best regards.

Salman Qasim

Student from UP

I would like to thank the Overseas Education World team for all the guidance they gave me in my quest to study in Cagayan State University, Philippines. Their advise has held me in good stead & made what would have been a tough situation so much smoother. I wish the team at OEW continued success.

Dr. Subash Muthukumar

Student from Tamil Nadu

Myself Dr. M Subash Muthukumar I have completed my Physiotherapy program from Dr.MGR Medical University Chennai. I was wondering from where I can do my MBBS program then i came to know about Overseas Education World through one of my relative friend whos daughter taken admission through O.E.World in Philippines. After knowing about this i contact them and get a clear picture of MBBS program in Philippines, I made my mind to join OEW. This was the best decision of my life. I have joined Cagayan State University in Philippines and I am really obliged for your help making my dream come true.

Dilip Sai

Student from Andhra Pradesh

I firstly thank Overseas Education World for helping me to get an admission in Philippines. I am very grateful to Mr.Ali in assisting me throughout the admission process and he also answered many questions which i had been uncertain about. I say that O.E.World is a very good consultancy and my parents are also satisfied with it. I am entirely satisfied with the service of O.E.World and Mr.Ali. The admission costs are moderate overall O.E.World has an excellent service. Thanks to O.E.World for the great support.

Sonu Kumar

Student from Bihar

I gave the full credit to Overseas Education World. I should say O E World is a perfect education consultant for their honesty and ease. Even the staff of O.E.World is very assured, committed, and sincere. I therefore acknowledge OEW as a friendly and noble server.

Sourav Nitish

Student from Jharkhand

I am very grateful to overseas education world and Mr. Zeeshan Ali for helping me to get admission admission in University of Northern Philippines and answering my each and every question which I had been uncertain about. Overseas education world has made very easy for me to satisfy my dream of becoming a doctor .Therefore I recommend each and every student who want to take admission who are thinking for study Mbbs in abroad. I would like to thankful to overseas education world for great support and especially to sir.

Mary Kurkalang

Student from Shillong

I have reached safely here and settled in at university. Looking back on the way things happened for me, i believe it would not have been possible without your assistance. i must thank "Overseas Education World" for the way they guided me from selection of the country to do the course, the university and the course. The follow up was fantastic. "Overseas Education World" Team, thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Abhishek VS

I would like to thank O.E World Medical Education team for helping me to realize the dream in studying Medicine to become a Doctor. You all made my dream come true. I wish you a greater success in the future.



O.E World Medical Education was extremely helpful to get an admission in Philippines Medical College. With support from your team, I now feel more confident that I will successfully complete my medical education.


Adrija Mondal

O.E World Medical Education team, provided guidance throughout the whole process in getting admission in Philippines Medical University. I would highly recommend O.E World Medical Education who seeks genuine overseas medical educational consultant.

Aheesha Mohan

Aheesha Mohan

I take this opportunity to thank O.E World Medical Education for guiding me throughout the whole process in getting admission and for getting the visa on time.


Aniruddh Dubey

Thanks to the entire team of O.E World Medical Education. I got direct admission to study MD(MBBS), Philippines. I am very satisfied with their service. I would strongly recommend this consultancy to the students to seek their counseling. They are experts in their job.



I got an admission to study MD(MBBS), now I have a long road ahead to purse my dream medical education program. Thanks to the entire team of O.E World Medical Education. O.E World is the ideal consultancy for students who wants to study MBBS in abroad.



At the last moment, I got medical seat in Philippines. Thanks to your team. From the inception, O.E World assisted and guided me through the admission process; along with that they provided me with extensive counselling even when the time constraint was very less. I am very impressed with the way they handled the whole issue within such a tight time-frame. I wish them success in the future.

Athira Prasad K

Athira Prasad

When I went to O.E World, I was unsure about the decision and what to do? But, when I came back from the consultancy, I have decided to study MBBS in Philippines All because of the team of O.E World who is extremely co operative and has given me comprehensive information correlated to the study in the Philippines as well as solved out my every doubt which was hammering my mind.



From the very first counselling I was sure that I came to the right place, and this consultancy will select the ideal University for me which is both impressive regarding the quality of education and the budget. Following the counselling session, I decided to study MBBS in Philippines and I was rest assured that the process will be the total responsibility of O.E World and they kept their promises word to word. I will strongly recommend this consultancy for the medical students who want to study abroad. These people are very adept with what they do and experts in their field.

Devan Nair photo

Devan Nair photo

When I came to O.E World for the first time I knew nothing about education in the Philippines. But after attending the counseling I had a confidence that these people are experts in this field and definitely they would take me in right path. I have never seen such friendly faculty anywhere and today I am in the Philippines studying MBBS with Cagayan State University was possible only due to these friendly experts


Dilip Sai

I would like to thank O.E World for information correlated to the study in the Philippines. I loved every moment studying in O.E World. The whole processes for getting a student visa for the Philippines was very easy due to the support of the O.E World, and today see here I am with the million dollar smile on my face. Thank you so much O.E World, for making my dream true. Thank u so much for guidance and making my dream come true.



I would like to thank my friend Shailesh R. Patel student who was studying MBBS in Philippines, that person gave me the reference of the O.E World who is one of the leading foreign education consultancy in the India. Thank you O.E World for your attention to every detail of my work and details of visa.

Faris Jaleel

Faris Jaleel

From my first visit, I was confident about the abilities of O.E World. All because of the team of O.E World was extremely helpful and has given me detailed information regarding the study in the Philippines covering the necessary aspects of doing a MBBS degree. O.E World also solved out my every doubts which were concerning me. Thank you O.E World for your attention to every detail of my work and details of visa. Thank you so much O.E World for an excellent guidance and making my dream come true.



I'm from Jaipur Rajasthan now I'm studying 2nd year MBBS in Philippines. MY Dream of being doctor will complete because of O.E World. In Philippines there are very good Indian foods are available and there are many more Indian students in MBBS stream. Thank you O.E World for manage my Educational Loan, Passport, Air Ticket, Immigration and Student Visa.

Farzana Fathima

Farzana Fathima

I would like to thank O.E World for information correlated to the study in the Philippines. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend about O.E World. The service of this consultancy is very good and have very friendly atmosphere. All staff members are very kind and soft hearted. Thanks again.

Gullam Hassan

Gulam Hassan

There are no words to express my views about O.E World. I really feel happy that I am writing the testimonial. O.E World was very responsible and helpful in enabling me to go for my Philippines. If you want to do MBBS in Philippines I would definitely recommend O.E World for a smooth journey through the admissions process. I sincerely thank them for making my dream comes true.



I'm student of O.E World. I want to tell all of you that this is the best consultancy all faculty members are very good and gives all details of study MBBS in PHILIPPINES. In O.E World there is very healthy atmosphere all staff members are always ready to help us. Thank u so much O.E World for helping me for my study visa for Philippines.


Jijo Kiran

O.E World is a kind of consultancy which believes in the value of the customer, not just the monetary profit. Their professional approach is so unique that a customer does not feel a stranger after the first counseling but rather a part of O.E World family. Such is their prowess in dealing with customers. I want to recommend this highly skilled consultancy to every student or frinds I know because I know that O.E World will never let anyone down.


Moktar Ali

I say this with extreme pleasure that O.E World has made my dream come true. From childhood I always wanted to be someone who can help people selflessly. When I completed my studies, I was a little disappointed with my results as I wanted to pursue medicine. During that point of time,My best friend told me about O.E World and their exciting offers. After my first visit, I was overwhelmed with joy as finally I saw the light in the end of a tunnel. Now, I am studying MBBS in Philippines under a good college and all this was made possible by O.E World.



I sent my son along with four of his friends to study MBBS in Philippines. O.E World staff taken care of all our work. Now I recommended my relatives to them. O.E World is very serious about their service and values every customer. This is the consultancy aspiring doctors should look out for.



I sent my daughter to study MBBS in Ukraine. O.E World service is very good, and I will recommend it highly to students who want to do MBBS in abroad. O.E world as a consultancy is very efficient in their service and totally dedicated in their service.


Subhasis Naskar

I am studying MBBS in Philippines. I went to Philippines along with so many Indian students in Flight. O.E World service is very good. Thir service is very satisfactory and I would recommend O.E World to my frinds who want to study MBBS in Philippines.



O.E World staff have taken care of admission, visa and also sent their staff along with students to Philippines. Food & accommodation is very good. Their service is very good in India and Philippines.

Our Successfull Students