University of Northern Philippines Accommodation

The university provides its students with sufficiently comfortable housing facilities for both male and female student residents.
These dormitories are provided with bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas.
Aside from catering services, the university’s food and accommodation center also provides rental for physical facilities.
computer center for speedy internet service, athletic oval and gymnasium for sports and recreational activities, laboratory facilities with wide variety of simulations, audio-visual materials and models for research and experimentation.

In addition, the UNP has a Guest Building which is open 24 hours for guests. It has also a training center which caters to a large number of guests with 150 beds and with fully air-conditioned private halls and conference room. Similarly, the Open Cafe serves local and international delectable cuisine which is prepared by professionally trained chefs and servers. Not far from the campus is a five-minute drive to a commercial complex for convenient shopping and recreation for local and foreign students.

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